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This round we will be awarding a $100 cash prize to the winner. All entries for this round will also automatically be entered in our next round.

Online Talent Search Contest

The winner from our round ending December 31st 2009 was:
Sex Bomb (cover) - by aga

The winner from our round ending December 31st 2008 was:
At Last - by Lisa Mann

The winner from our round ending December 31st 2007 was:
Let's Get A Rocket! - by Parasite Diet

The winner from our round ending June 30th 2007 was:
I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight - by Avinash Phukan

The winner from our round ending February 28th 2007 was:
Son of a Preacher Man - by pigpo1

The winners from our round ending December 31st 2006 were:
Hide N Seek - by GDS
Stay Alive With tec - by Thai Pham
Sorry seems to be the hardest word - by Samantha

Our contest is similar to American Idol, but instead of a using panel of judges we let web surfers decide the winners. Submit your song or video clip for free online and it will be rated by visitors to our site. We will award a $100 cash prize to the most popular singer or band, as judged by our websurfers, plus the winner will get exposure from being featured as a winner on our website.

In your audition, feel free to play the guitar or any other intsrument while you sing, although this is not required. If you are in a band, submit your band's best few songs to us. The record companies we work with are looking for rock stars and pop stars, so do not submit content like Jazz, Opera, Blues, Comedy, etc.

The best way to audition is to give us a video clip of you singing. Just use any standard camcorder, or even a camera phone or digital camera that handles short video clips. If you submit a video clip, keep in mind that your looks and style will also be judged. Many people can sing, but do not have the "star quality" that the record companies are looking for.

If you submit only an audio clip, our web audience will be less interested in viewing it, so it could result in lower ratings for you. Plus, the record companies will be much more interested in they can see you in a video in addition to hearing you sing.

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Contest Rules:

The contest is open to people of all ages and countries. If you are the winner and are not a US resident, you must be able to accept payment from us electronically using or a similar method. If you are under age 18, please get your parents' permission before entering.

You do not need to give us your name in your audition. To avoid any possible privacy issues, we do not want people to be able to contact you directly. We will keep your contact info private, and only contact you if you win or if there is a problem with your submission. We will not add you to any email lists or sell your info to other companies. In your audition, if you want to give an introduction, say a little about yourself and just give your first name and state or country.

The winner will be determined by votes from websurfers. The winner will be the entrant with the highest ratings. But, a song/video must get at least 10 votes for it to be eligible to win, because any rating with less votes than that is not a good statistical reprentation of how good the song/video really is.

Contestants may not enter if they are already signed with a major record label.

Only account entry per person. You may submit multiple songs, but all your songs have to be in the same account.

This round of our contest will end on December 31st 2012. The winner will be announced soon after. Previous winners are not eligible to win again, although their songs will still stay on our site. As soon as the current round ends, a new round will start. All songs and videos entered in this round will also be automatically entered in our next round, although an artist can only win once.

By entering our contest, the you us the right to display your audition on our website for public viewing. You may remove your audition from our website at any time by logging into your account and deleting it.

Any contestants found cheating will be banned from the site and made ineligible for prizes.

The judging of the auditions will be done by visitors to our site, but has the discretion to override the voting results for certain contestants should we suspect fraud, manipulation, or related issues.

By submitting your entry, you are declaring that you have full performance rights to the song you are singing. We are not responsible for verifying the copyright/licensing status for the entries we receive. This contest is void where prohibited. is part of the Impulse Communications, Inc. network or websites.
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