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Listen Only Hope
Rating: 4.08 (12 votes)

Listen 2night - This song just hit the 600 mark on my myspace page!!!
Rating: 4.13 (30 votes)

Listen hot boi strikes again
Rating: 6 (2 votes)

Listen hold ya head remix - its hot jus listen
Rating: 6.33 (6 votes)

Listen Tomorrow Brings - In our lives we go through many transitions, and sometimes the friendships that we hold so dear gently fade so that others may take their place. When it came to recording this song, I especially enjoyed recording the beautiful violin with Jim Sitterly. I hope you enjoy it too.
Rating: 3.29 (14 votes)

Listen Will No Way - This song was written to address a common problem in our society: stalking. Statistics show that 1 in 4 women will be stalked by ex-boyfriends/lovers in their lifetime. Males often encounter similar cases as well. My intention is to bring light to the subject for positive change.
Rating: 4.33 (15 votes)

Listen Mercy On Me by Christina Aguilera - Please ignore the bad quality of the camera! This is me singing a Christina Aguilera song from her new album, Back To Basics. It's my favorite song to sing in the whole world, especially when it gets more exciting in the middle & towards the end!
Rating: 7.74 (353 votes)

Rating: 5.43 (28 votes)

Listen I got it - club song
Rating: 6.83 (6 votes)

Listen Doing It Wrong Cover - Im Alexis Monet, covering Doing It Wrong by Drake.
Rating: 10 (1 votes)

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