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Listen His Eye Is On The Sparrow - this is me singing one of my favorite songs!
Rating: 7.55 (340 votes)

Listen One more chance - Written and composed by me, for a very good friend.
Rating: 6.33 (3 votes)

Listen Happy 50's - Original, Just came up with it, took me 45 minutes from start to finish, I was born in the 60's but the 50's seem to be a happy time.real instruments, all played,replica watches
engineered by yours truley thanks for giving me a chance.
Rating: 5.60 (10 votes)

Rating: 0 (0 votes)

Listen The Fall
Rating: 5.17 (6 votes)

Listen Strong Enough
Rating: 6.11 (9 votes)

Listen 1000 Words, Japanese Version - I love Final Fantasy, and I love the song Yuna sings in it, So i recorded myself singing the song in the Japanese version. I hope you like it.
Rating: 10 (1 votes)

Listen Sell It to My Heart - soft rock pop
Rating: 5.45 (11 votes)

Listen Hey mister DJ - This is an origanal song from my own comperlation
Rating: 6.33 (6 votes)

Listen what if - this is one of the songs i have recorded. it is kind of bad quality but you get the point. Hope u like it.
Rating: 5.85 (13 votes)

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