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Listen Step Back - self titled
Rating: 3.26 (23 votes)

Pimp My Sleigh - A funny hip-hop Christmas song.
Rating: 7.11 (19 votes)

Listen I'll Be - i havent even heard this song in forever, but at least i can get the right TUNE, lol... ya, after hearing that other chick *try* to sing this, i recorded myself off the top of my head... here u go, enjoy!
Rating: 3.33 (55 votes)

Listen Fall Like Rain - Inspirational
Rating: 5.89 (38 votes)

Listen I'm Singing - This is a song I wrote and put a half ass melody to one day while I was singing in my room, and my mom yelled, as usual, for me to "close my door." Thanks a lot, Mom... this will be my first single, perhaps...
Rating: 4.05 (38 votes)

Listen New York Tribute song - This song is very emotional, if you can get to the end then you will be crying or saddened. Nothing else to say, I wrote it 2 days after the bomb for Charity and never released it. Take a chance and listen, its strong and sad and lovely
Rating: 5.63 (16 votes)

Listen The truth hurts - Our newest song.
Rating: 5.78 (18 votes)

Listen Evolution - a love song about society
Rating: 8.33 (3 votes)

MC Eric B For President - Vote for MC Eric B for President
Rating: 5.57 (7 votes)

Listen Lips Of An Angel - This is my "unplugged" acapella version of Hinder's "Lips of an Angel." I hope you like it!
Rating: 3.82 (77 votes)

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