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Listen Fire in my Soul - I wrote this song with a friend of mine, it was aimed at the disco scene
Rating: 4.36 (11 votes)

Listen Three
Rating: 2.61 (18 votes)

Listen Get to Talkin
Rating: 2.80 (10 votes)

Listen One more chance - Written and composed by me, for a very good friend.
Rating: 6.33 (3 votes)

Rating: 1.20 (5 votes)

Listen Nobody Knows But Me - Just me singing basically :D
Rating: 6.84 (45 votes)

Torn - Sorry for the long static opening and the microphone interference towards the end, just learning the music program. But,replica watches
I am singing a song that has had impact on my life. It is one of my favorite songs. I hope you enjoy it because I enjoyed putting it together.
Rating: 2.56 (16 votes)

Listen All i want for Christmas - My attempt at a little bit of singing all i want for christmas. The sound quality is not the greatestfake watches uk
coz it's into my phone and it makes the "there" sound weird but oh well lol. Enjoy!
Rating: 6.43 (40 votes)

Listen My Sister - 'My Sister' was written to give voice to the issue of child abuse. Children are impressionable and innocent,fake watches uk
the formative years pave the way for their adult life. Children in an oppressive environments often lose touch with the true potential, their true angelic selves as their voice is stifled. The true voice of child is always the voice of love, strength, courage, joy and optimism. I will this for all children and all humanity.
Rating: 4.60 (25 votes)

Listen Unnoticed - Unreciprocated love: This song addresses the many things that we may go through in an attempt to keep our mate/lover's level of interest at its peak. fake watches uk
However, the greatest love that can ever be held is the love that you have for yourself. Everything else stems from that and is bound to bring you joy. In this song, this truth is eventually is recognized and claimed.
Rating: 4.37 (19 votes)

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