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Listen But I made it - About my emotions & and motivations
Rating: 8.50 (2 votes)

Listen His Eye Is On The Sparrow - this is me singing one of my favorite songs!
Rating: 7.55 (340 votes)

Listen I'm Singing - This is a song I wrote and put a half ass melody to one day while I was singing in my room,fake watches uk
and my mom yelled, as usual, for me to "close my door." Thanks a lot, Mom... this will be my first single, perhaps...
Rating: 4.05 (38 votes)

Listen You Can't Always Follow Your Heart - A song exploring the idea that we are always told to follow our hearts, but in some situations it is impossible to do so.
Rating: 4 (2 votes)

Listen Mothers Garden - Funky song about life on the farm
Rating: 4.97 (31 votes)

Listen I'll Always Remeber - This song was originally done by Mandy Moore.replica watches
This song is all me backing up my voice about 5 times. The people you hear in the background are all me. This song was done professinally and is part of my demo
Rating: 6.71 (14 votes)

Listen No More - This song is an old one of mine from 2002,fake watches uk
it starts off quite dark but then the beats start coming in around the two minute mark.
Rating: 5.54 (35 votes)

Listen I only want to be with you - Dusty Springfield song
Rating: 6.24 (25 votes)

Listen makin my way thru
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