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Listen whos that girl - an acoustic addition to the track fake watches uk
i did a cover all the girls who have ever been misjudged for something theyre not...
Rating: 5.82 (39 votes)

Torn - Sorry for the long static opening and the microphone interference towards the end, just learning the music program. But,replica watches
I am singing a song that has had impact on my life. It is one of my favorite songs. I hope you enjoy it because I enjoyed putting it together.
Rating: 2.56 (16 votes)

Listen Evolution - a love song about society
Rating: 8.33 (3 votes)

Listen Come Closer - a r&b ballad
Rating: 7 (4 votes)

Listen Get to Talkin
Rating: 2.80 (10 votes)

Listen Doin My Thang
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Listen Only Hope
Rating: 4.08 (12 votes)

Listen I'll Always Remeber - This song was originally done by Mandy Moore.replica watches
This song is all me backing up my voice about 5 times. The people you hear in the background are all me. This song was done professinally and is part of my demo
Rating: 6.71 (14 votes)

Listen Leech - Hey this is a demo mix of new tune from the band's forthcoming album "The Pleasure and The Anguish'
Rating: 3.50 (2 votes)

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